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Automotive Repair Tips - Coolant System

  • You should have Lone Oak Auto Repair check the condition of your coolant system each Spring and Fall to make sure the additives that protect against corrosion still function properly. And while you're at it have us check your windshield wipers too!

Automotive Repair Tips - Tire Inflation

  • Proper tire inflation can improve gas mileage by more than 3% when maintained regularly. Save money and wear and tear on your tires. Come get yours checked today at Lone Oak Auto Repair.

Automotive Repair Tips - Battery

  • You should test your battery every Fall. If your automobiles battery is three years old or more, consider replacing it since the chances of failure increase. Does yours need to be replaced stop by Lone Oak Auto Repair and have it tested today.

Automotive Repair Tips - Gas Cap

  • A loose gas cap can trigger the "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light. Make sure your gas cap is secure and tight.

Automotive Repair Tips - Drive Belts

  • The chances of a drive belt failure rise dramatically after four years or 36,000 miles for V-belts and 50,000 miles for serpentine belts. Safety first, have your automobile checked at Lone Oak Auto Repair if you've reached these milestones!

Automotive Repair Tips - Belts & Hoses

  • According to a recent survey, nearly one-third of all automobiles have belts or hoses that are ready to be replaced. Have your belts and hoses checked regularly at Lone Oak Auto Repair, and you won't have to worry!

Automotive Repair Tips - Engine Work

  • If your automobile requires major engine work, it could be more economical to have your engine replaced rather than buying a different automobile.

Automotive Repair Tips - Tune-Ups

  • Routine tune-ups and engine checks can be your best guarantee of good performance and fuel economy. Economical and dependable, have your engine checked today at Lone Oak Auto Repair.

Automotive Repair Tips - Oil Changes

  • Regular oil changes every 3,000 miles for conventional oil and every 5,000 miles for synthetic oil is your best investment toward the longevity of your engine! Keep your car running longer!

Automotive Repair Tips - Brakes

  • Have your automotive brake system inspected annually by one of our service technicians at Lone Oak Auto Repair, even if you don't suspect any problems! Not all problems are noticeable and why risk an accident from faulty brakes!
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